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Captain Greg

In 2001 Captain Greg Johnson left Grand Rapids, Michigan.  His destination were the turquoise waters of the Florida Keys.  With 20 years of experience under his belt, his knowledge if Key West and the surrounding waters make him a fantastic guide and storyteller.  As a father of two, Captain Greg understands and appreciates family time and making lasting memories.  Whether it be fishing, snorkeling, or an excursion to a local island, Capt. Greg is your guide to a good time!

After 9 Years in the US Army, Captain Mike returned to his hometown of Chestertown, Maryland before being lured to Key West to visit his twin brother.  His love for the ocean persuaded him to stay and obtain his Captain's license.  There is no doubt that his service and experience overseas is parallel to when he is on the sea.  Book with Captain Mike today and see why he is the star and stripe of Island Time Charters.

Captain  Mike

Captain Erik

Capt. Erik Morales. Born and raised in Freeport Long Island. 

         All I ever wanted to do was fish. Ive been a commercial fisherman, trawling, dredging, dragging. You name it. The harsh winters on the water really led me down here to the keys in 2007. I’ve worked with some of the best old-timers down here who’ve been generous enough to share their knowledge with me. I’ve picked brains, and learned my own tactics along the way. I specialize in offshore fishing. Trolling and deep dropping. I’ve fished many tournaments, placed in a few, and have caught just about every dream fish I could have ever imagined. If you’d like to see what Ive accomplished you can see my Instagram page @ fishingkeywest. Thanks

Captain Mel

Mel is a Captain as well as our business manager. She is a native Floridian and has had a love for the ocean since a young girl. She moved to Key West in 2012 to be close to the ocean and live her dream of becoming a boat captain. She worked as a mate on sailboats and while becoming a captain and loves fishing, diving, lobstering. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering for Reef Relief, spear fishing, diving and sailing to neighboring islands. Including The Bahamas and Cuba; with dreams of more travels via boat. She considers a day of success filled with lots of laughter and making new friends. Why spend another day on land when you can spend it on the water!

Meet our 1st Mate Joe!  Originally from Cleveland, Joe has been fascinated with fishing since he was a little guy with his snoopy fishing pole.  He has been trolling the waters of Key West for the past 10 years.  In that time, he has upgraded his pole along with his extensive knowledge of our local marine life.  Make our 1st Mate your 1st choice for an unforgettable offshore experience.

1st Mate  Joe

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