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Key West Snorkeling is world famous for a reason. The islands of the Florida Keys are actually the remnants
of an old barrier reef from times when the oceans water level was far higher. Since the waters recession, the
reef has gradually moved "out" following todays water levels and maintaining the worlds third largest barrier
reef and the only "living" reef left in the continental United States. Ranging from just a foot underwater to as
much as 150', our reefs are the healthiest and most vibrant in all of the Keys. Our Key West Snorkeling
Charter travels from the absolutely remarkable Looe Key reef all the way down the remote Dry Tortugas, with
a few stops in between. Unlike the traditional "cattle" boats that are relegated to just one or two of the more
traveled reefs, we visit the very best and cater the trip to your needs. Because we are a private snorkeling
charter in Key West, you wont be bothered with other passengers needs. We focus our trips on you and you
alone, and because of this, many of the reefs we visit aren't even charted. Below is just a small sample of the
areas our Key West Snorkel Charter visits.

Looe Key        Sand Key        East, West, and Middle Sambos        Toppino        Marqueses        Archer

Eastern and Western Dry Rocks        American Shoal        Satan Shoal        Kingfish Shoal

Joe's Tug        Cottrel         Boca Grande        Seven Sisters        Crawfish Key        Rebecca Shoal
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Diving in Key West
Diving in Key West
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