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Bottlenose dolphin are found all over the world and are typically migratory.  Key West is lucky to
have a "resident" pod of dolphin which means they stay close to the island year round (smart
dolphin)!  Our Key West Dolphin pod is approximately 300 strong.  They can be found in smaller
pods of, on average, 6 animals through the winter months and 20 or more in the spring and
summer.  Spring and summer are the height of mating season and this is the time of year we get
a large influx of migratory dolphin that account for the larger pod numbers and keep our gene pool
varied and healthy.  In the summer when the water is warm, calm, and clear Key Wests resident
pod can very reliably be found a few miles offshore in a body of water in the gulf called the
Dolphin Playground.  In the winter months when the water is a little sportier, the pods move closer
to the island (a few hundred yards offshore) which makes watching dolphin in Key West feasible
year round. Smaller pods are usually family groups comprised of related females, all of which play
a role in rearing the calves. Dolphin are, by nature, curious, playful, and very social, and more
often than not will swim right up to the boat to take a look, leaving you wondering.....who is
watching who?  Come get to know our Key West dolphin.
Key West Dolphin
Our Resident Pod
Key West Dolphin Swim
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