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Here at Island Time Charters, we have been diving for more than twenty
years. In that time, we have seen nearly the whole spectrum of dive
charters, both good and bad. One of the reasons we started this business
was to try to be different. To offer the best of all the trips we have
experienced and avoid, at all costs, the worst. Diving is a peaceful and
relaxing sport that, sadly, can turn into a real nightmare in the blink of
an eye. So by keeping this in mind, we intentionally designed our trips to
focus only on the peace and relaxation of the sport.

Eliminating the crowds and limiting the charter to just you and your buddy
ensures no outside influences will disrupt your day. Providing the free
option of an in water divemaster for every dive allows for true safety.
And last, but definately not least, are brand new boats with such basic
items(yes, thats sarcasim) like cushioned seats, beds to lay out on,
private gear lockers, sun protection or open air areas, true in-water dive
ladders, and engines that don't smoke like a country cook out. We assure
you, this is the dive trip you're looking for.

Dive Charters

4 hour 2-tank dive for 2 people $
Includes all equipment (except wetsuit)
   and to any of the following types of dives    

Shallow Reef        Mid Reef        Deep Reef
Shallow Wreck        Mid Wreck      Deep Wreck
Vandenberg        Night Dive
     Dusk Dive

*Call for more information about Marqueses and Looe Key dives
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