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Got Sharks?
Looking for an all around adrenaline rush of fishing but don't have the patience
for the hunt? This is the trip for you. Shortly after departing the dock, you and
your party will be immersed in the ways of the wild. Your target.......Sharks. And
big ones at that. Tigers, Bulls, Lemons, Hammers, and Threshers are just some of
the toothy critters you're likely to catch on this trip of excitement and
adventure. Bring a lunch and eat a good're gonna need it!

Given the nature of this trip and the locations fished, this package is only
offered in a 5 hour charter.

(direct booking only)
The Key West Family Adventure

This perfect family adventure begins with a brief tour around our tropical
island viewing the sites that made Key West the famous paradise it is. Follow
the history of the island's evolution (or lack there of) while admiring all the
natural wonder it carries. See Roseatte Spoonbills, Snowy Egrets, and Great
Blue Herons grace the shorelines and mangroves from the comfort of your very
own private charter.

What better way to follow up the natural beauty of sight seeing the island by
visiting Key West's most famous residents, the Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphin.
Key West is fortunate to have a large pod of wild dolphin that are very social
and can be observed feeding, sleeping, mating, playing or just enjoying the day.
 Nothing will make your vacation better than spending some time with these
free spirited wild animals in their natural habitat!

After witnessing the grace and splendor of our local finned friends in their
natural habitat, you'll surely want to see what they see. This stop takes you to
a snorkelers paradise of both tropical and pelagic fish, sea turtles, soft
corals, sponges, graceful rays, and dinner-sized lobster. Enjoy the warm
tropical waters of the Key West Out-Islands in the safety and protection of
shallow and undisturbed crystal clear water.

Not to be undersold, the next stop on your adventure takes you to the exotic
seclusion of Boca Grande Island. Stroll the best beach in the keys for rare
shells, eagle ray sightings on the flats, or stop for a quiet picnic on this seldom
visited island.

Finally, finish your day up with some quality light tackle fishing in the world
famous Florida Straights. Whether you're looking for a snapper and grouper
dinner or just wanting to bend some rods for great photos and great fun, this
is the trip for you. Experience is far less important than fun here. Everyone
can fish and everyone will catch fish. Join us on this perfectly suited family

4 hour charter        only $450
6 hour charter        only $600
(direct booking only)
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