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Key West Shark Fishing Charters
Key West Shark Fishing
Key West Shark Fishing
Shark Fishing in Key West
Key West Shark fishing has been famous for
years, but never more than the introduction of
the T.V. show called MadFin© was introduced,
that still runs today. This show documents an
annual fishing tournament with one target in
mind. Big, burly, nasty sharks. Filmed over
several days, you can see from one end of the
rainbow to the other in the shark world. And
wouldn't you know, this show is filmed right
here in Key West, because we have loads of em'.

Tigers, Bulls, Hammerheads, Makos, Black Tips,
Lemons, Sharp nose, Spinners, and Sawfish are
among the local residents here in Key West.
They are big and they are always hungry.
Another mark of ours we are so proud of, we
boast a 100% success rate on our Key West
Shark fishing trips. On the flats, in the
channels, and in deep water, we are fairly
certain we will catch your target. And though we
don't keep any of the animals, we will certainly
provide awesome photo opportunity as well as
the winning hook for the mounting of your choice.

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Fishing Charter today!
Key West Shark Fishing
Shark Fishing in Key West
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Diving in Key West
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