Key West Lobster Charters

Pepe's is the best
breakfast in the states.
This world famous eatery
is the oldest restaurant
in Florida and it's that
way for a reason. Class
and Key West style
were born inside these
walls. Located on
Caroline Street acroos
from the waterfront
market, this is a winner!


Harpoon Harry's, just a
couple doors down from
Pape's, is a true "local"
spot. Service, service,
service. Affordable and
quality, you can't go
wrong here.

The best fish sandwich
in the Keys can be
found across the street
from Pepe's and
Harry's, at B.O.'s Fish
Wagon.This "hole in the
wall" is a key west
landmark and safe for
the whole family. Three
words...Grilled Mahi

A bit out of the way,
Hogfish Bar and Grill
is the ideal alternative
to the tourist traps.
Located on Stock
Island, this is a true
"old keys" restaurant.


Dinner's, like all food in Key West, are part of our entertaining
character. We have a few spots we limit ourselves to simply because
we are interested in the "true Key West experience". First on our list
is definately a Key West experience.
Caroline's, halfway down Duval, is
a favorite of ours.Excellent food, great service, and approriately
Caroline's is a winner. Southwestern Chicken Salad and
Jambalya.....mmm mmm good!


We are also big fans
Kellys Caribbean. Formerly the birthplace of Pan
Am Airlines, this lush tropical setting is by far the finest on the island.
And the ambiance is certainly matched by the quality of food. Great
service, great food, and an unforgettable setting, this place is a must.


Last, but certainly not least, is
Blue Heaven. Undoubtedly you've
already heard of this place, and this is for a reason.
Sometimes words don't carry the impact and power needed to
adequately describe an experience. This is one of those times. Dont
miss an opportunity to experience Key West. Its worth it.

The following are the recommendations from Island Time Charters of Key West. These are real and honest opinions
gained from our personal experience, and unlike most "opinions", we receive no form of payment for them.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Drinks

There is only one spot for us. The Schooner Wharf Bar is a Key West Landmark for a reason.
A place that truly has it all, you and your family can enjoy a great keys atmosphere, quality food,
and good service. And after hours....well, thats better experienced than explained. Stop by. You'll thank us.
Island Time Charters
of Key West