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Island Time Charters uses only the worlds finest crafted products on every charter. Special thanks to all of our fine sponsors
The Island Time Fleet
The Mola Mola (2010)

Latin for the Sunfish, the Mola Mola is a perfect match of comfort and
fishability. Rigged for offshore trolling, the Mola Mola also offers ample
seating for six without compromising room to fight fish throughout the boat.
The Mola Mola is 25' of pure fishing machine designed for everyone in mind.
The Caretta Caretta (2011)

Latin for the Loggerhead Sea turtle, the Caretta Caretta is a 28' Panga
design. The true value of the Panga design is its comfort and stability in any
waters. This boat is as comfortable in 5 foot seas as it is in 10 inches of
water. And boy is it fast! Fish the flats or troll the Gulfstream.
The Nari Nari (2009)

Latin for the Spotted Eagle Ray, the Nari Nari is the perfect mix for all
activities. A true center console, its fishability is as good as its snorkel
ability. Offering plenty of seating and shade, this boat is perfect for
families looking to enjoy all the wonders Key West waters offer.
The Sarda Sarda (2011)

Latin for the Bonito, the Sarda Sarda is the perfect flats fishing machine.
Light, solid, fast, dry, and comfortable are just a few of the words that can
describe the Sarda Sarda. With room for two anglers and a captain, this
ultra-quiet boat can get you on the flats like a stealth.