Island Time Charters
of Key West
Mini-Season is almost here!
July 29th & July 30th

Island Time Charters is proud to devote all of our boats for lobstering these two
days. We will be running 4 hour trips all day and night for per person and private charters.
No more worries about the cost of fuel, getting license's, and not knowing the very best
spots to look, we are the answer.

At Island Time Charters of Key West, our captains know these waters inside and out. You
won't find quick runs to the same ole' reefs here. We will run through all of the
back-country to ensure a successful hunt. And don't bother lugging all that gear down
on your vacation. We have nets, gloves, snares, and all the snorkeling gear you'll need.
Lastly, each boat carries a special hunting license that allows you to hunt without having
to buy the Florida Fishing License or the Lobster stamp. So save money and frustration
and drastically improve your odds by giving us a call or booking online.
Per Person Trips

4 hour's - $89.99
(online booking only)

*includes all equipment and licensing
Private Charters
up to six people

4 hour's - $525.00
(online booking only)
*includes all equipment and licensing