Looking for some light tackle fishing in Key West?
Island Time Charters has fished these waters for more than
a decade and found the very best spots for family fun
fishing. Whether you're looking for a nice snapper  dinner or
just a day of bending rods, let our professional captains show
you what Key West fishing is all about.

Key West spearfishing is some of the finest in the world.
Our captains been spear-fishing around Key West for the
better part of a decade and absolutely share the sport with
our charters.  You don't need to have experience, as we are
happy to teach you technique and all the equipment is provided.  
Hogfishing among Key Wests beautiful patch reefs is a great
way to snorkel and catch some lunch!  In season, lobster can
be caught as well.

Key West lobstering is what made us famous. Having never
come back to the dock without lobster, our captains know all
the best spots, far away from the crowds. The Florida Keys
lobster season begins on August 6th this year, with our lobster
min-season being July 27th and 28th. Check out our lobstering
page for more info.
The Vandenberg is Down! Come join our professional
Captains/Dive Instructors as we begin a new era in
Key West
SCUBA Diving. Whether your looking for the excitement of the
deep wreck, looking for instruction on our beautiful reefs, or
just wanting to try SCUBA for the first time, Island Time
Charters is proud to be your private guide. We offer a pleasant
alternative to Diesel "cattle boats" of the past.
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